Sunday, April 18, 2010

For once, I'm all shopped out

It has totally been one long weekend.
Took a vacay day at work on Friday so big daddy and I could do some furniture shopping. You would have thought I woulda learned my lesson with the whole house viewing incident. Haven't heard that story yet? Don't went something like what happened today. But not AS loud.
Big daddy surprised us this morning with fresh, still hot fresh, donuts for breakfast. Oh and a vanilla latte from Starbucks for me. So far so good. We had our cable/internet install this morning between 8:30am and 12pm, and somebody up there loves me because the tech called me a little after 8am sayin he was gonna be leaving soon and should take him no more than 45 min. to get here. HELL TO THE YA!!! Big daddy used to work for this contracting company that did cable, so he really helped this dude out. LOL. And of course there's just one more thing I would like to add: I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! :) WOOOOHOOO! Ok sorry that was 2 things.
So where was I...breakfast: check, coffee: check, cable/internet: check. And off we went.
First place (and almost last place) we went to was a home consignment store. HA! That was actually the name of the store. Walked in and it was like heaven met hell. Let me elaborate. This store had soooo many things we liked, all under one roof, all within our budget, but packed in like sardines in a can. There was no real order either. Everything was just kinda scattered everywhere. So where do we start? We went right. We probably shoulda went left cuz WOW. Not only was EVERYTHING within line of site for the monsters, but it was all fragile stuff. Glass tables, and vases. Ceramic this and that. And oh were those 2 sets of hands itchy. At one point I carried Stanky on my hip for like 20 min just so he could't reach anything. At least they couldn't run anywhere. But of course, that didn't stop Juju from wandering off. Because he was the same height as mostly everything in there. I didn't want to yell for him, but damnit. I refuse to be that mom who can't seem to control her kids. Who am I kidding? I am that I yelled for him "bring your tail here right now before I tear it up." Not once, not twice, not three times, not four times...well you get the picture. To make matters worse, about 30min into our scouring over everything, it felt like they decided to turn off the A.C. and leave the doors open. Uggghh. Just f'in great. We priced a couch, recliner, and some pillows wishing out loud that we had somewhere to take our heathen children. So we left. Not even 10 minutes of driving to the next store, I looked in the back seat, and they were knocked out. I guess that was all it was, just hot and tired. WRONG. We visited 2 other stores besides that one, and it was pretty much the same (thank goodness the other stores weren't stuffed to capacity with stuff). Aaaannnnndddd...we actually found a couch and a gorgeous bedroom set at the 2nd place we went to. So all that was left was a bunk bed for the monsters. I never knew "pricing" a bunk bed was gonna be so dang difficult. Who knew there were THAT many different bunk beds out there. I mean how long do you keep a bunk bed? Seriously. I was NOT about to pay no more than $300 for one and thats still too rich for my blood I think. So after some lunch, we were off to Tarjay and Wally world. OMG!! We shoulda went home after lunch and let them take a nap. But we just HAD to press on. Stanky even climbed out of the front of the cart, stood up, and fell into the back of the cart. Gave me a damn heart attack I tell you. Juju was better I must say. I think mostly because he loves going to Walmart. Back in Louisiana we would go to Wally just cuz. LOL.
Anyways...we decided on getting a bunk bed from Walmart. Besides being $200, we decided to upgrade them to separate beds when we move out of this duplex and into the house we are planning to buy in like 2-3 years. But moving bunk bed. The display was there, the box was there, but the was open and empty. WTF?! Weird, right? Well they didn't have anymore in the back (of course) and never knew what their shipment was until they opened the boxes. Grrrrrr. So, by this time, it was nearly dinner time, so we stopped and got pizza and beer. Pizza for the four of us and beer obviously for me and big daddy.
Saturday was better. Better moods and everything. We had Honduran tacos for breakfast, and then we were out the door, searching for another Walmart, and on the hunt for a dining room table. How did we just miss looking for one yesterday? Went to one Walmart and it was scaaarryyy. LOL. The layout was the opposite of what we were used to and that made us get super confused LMAO. But no bunk bed. We did end up getting a cheapy little computer desk, because we really don't have room for a regular sized one. We also got some little plastic drawers for our closet for "all your damn thongs, and bras, and other shit." Those were big daddy's exact words. Kinda bummed about the bunk bed situation, we went shopping for a new tv. 4 words for ya: FRY'S IS THE BOMB! It was electronic heaven. The monsters even got to test out that new 3-D tv. Which I must say was pretty saweet! We left with a tv, and Windows 7 pro. Why can we not find a bunk bed anywhere? So even more bummed, we went grocery shopping, which of course makes everyone happy. And yes we forgot about finding a dining room table...again.
So did I make y'alls eyes bleed yet? LOL. And here we are, Sunday. And the one place we find a bunk bed is in Copperas Cove. That's were VonTrapp lives. Thats an hour away. And we all know what happens when the monsters are stuck in a car for an hour.
So we play the waiting game. And hopefully, we'll get them a bed this week. Hey-->they're not sleeping like just on the floor or anything like that. Well not really. They are sleeping on a queen sized mattress on the floor. Not on the floor, floor. Just wanted to clarify. You know. Just in case.


  1. Oh my goodness, girl! I'm tired from just reading about your day!! LOL

    But, I'm glad things are coming together, and more importantly, you have internet!

  2. Wow. That is exhausting just reading!

    Furniture shopping really isn't my cup of tea!