Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes folks that's right...its officially SUMMERTIME!!!!
While most people are dreading the sun's power, spending little time outside, anxious for the moment that they can get back into some AC, I am outside...frolicking. Well not so much frolicking, more like lounging. (I just really like that word frolicking.)
I am most definitely a sun baby. Even the little dudes. Put them in some swim shorts, me in a bikini top and shorts, give us some water and we are good to go!
Come on people its time to have some fun! So grab a cold one (water, juice, beer, cocktail) and let's welcome summer together.

(This song always makes me think of summer)


  1. Happy Summer, Nicole! We've been chilling & enjoying it. I won't lie when its tooooooo hot we wait until later to go outside.

  2. Cheers! I can't believe how fast this year is going!!! It's time to get out and enjoy it!

  3. This song reminds me of the islands! For the summer I always end up humming Summer summer summer tiiiime.....Will Smith....lol!