Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fitness Tip - CORE

So its been about a month since my last fitness post. If anyone tried doing any of the suggestions I made, let me know your story so I can feature you in my next friday fitness post!
Still can't find the time to do any sort of workout? Well I have some suggestions that you can do ANY time!
Stand in front of a mirror, and lift up your shirt so you can see your belly. Yes, just lift it up. Now tighten up your stomach and flex your abs. Hold it for 5 seconds and then release. If you're tightening it and holiding it in you should feel it tighten not in just your stomach area but around your waist and in your lower back. That my friends is your core. Your core is the center of every movement you make day in and day out. Stand in front of the mirror at least once a day and work from holding it in 5 seconds to 10 seconds and then to 15 seconds. Do about 3 "sets" of these. Don't have the time to just look in the mirror, don't worry, I got more. LOL!
Have to vaccum today? Tighten your core every other room you have to vaccum. Cooking dinner? Tighten your core for 5 seconds every 5 minutes. Washing dishes? Do the same thing as if you were cooking. Grocery shopping? Tighten your core as you push your cart. And here's a good one: sitting at the computer? Yes! Sit up straight and tighten your core for 10 seconds every 10 minutes. You can work your core do ANYTHING! Now if you are able to get to a gym or workout at your home, keep your core engaged during your entire workout. The benefits are endless. Building a stronger core will even help you carry that sleeping child from the car to the bed!
Another thing to try...get on the floor in a push up position. Make sure your body is straight as a board, no booty in the air. LOL. Now engage your core and lower yourself onto your forearms, slowly. You may have to slide your feet back the first time to get the perfect position. Breathing deep and slowly, hold for 10 seconds. This is the infamous plank position. Then raise yourself back up to the push up position slowly. Do 3 sets. As you get stronger you can cross your legs and put one foot on top of the other. Remeber do to both sides. Now another thing you can add...when you are down on your forearms, after 10 seconds take your booty up to the sky. Remember to keep your core engaged and your forearms on the ground. Just hold for 3 seconds and come back to plank.
Remember your core controls all your movements. The stronger it is, the better your body will feel. Not to mention you will see those abs again.

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