Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My day in a nutshell

So I had a pretty interesting day today. First off, I got to experience probably one of the stupidest court preceedings ever! Like big daddy tweeted..It was better than t.v. Anyways..big daddy and I don't get many days off together anymore, so we decided after lunch to go and work out together. Now y'all know how passionate my darling husband is about working out, well, he NEVER works out with a partner..NEVER! So when he agreed to workout with me I was completely shocked. It was his "free" day (whatever that means) so he said he would show me his core workout that he does. Now when I say my husband does not do a single crunch, you'd probably think I was lying. Especially since he's got amazing abs! He just always works on his core. Its amazing I tell you! LOL! But anyways long story short, we had an amazing workout and I learned a lot from him. I didn't do a single crunch or ab focused exercise, but my abdominal section and lower back are screaming right now. They don't hurt, but I know I'll feel it in the morning. Absolute craziness I tell you!
So I know this going completely to the left anyone out there as excited as I am about the palm pre making its debut in a couple days? I am a self proclaimed palm treo junkie! I don't know how I ever owned a phone that wasn't a palm. Funny thing is, I only just got my first palm phone like at the end of last year...well I actually think it was the beginning of this year. But needless to say, I am hooked..I'm a believer lol! I have asked big daddy for the pre, and am hoping to get it for christmas. You know you can't get the first generation of ANY new cel phone. Gotta give it some time for all the kinks to be worked out. But I do plan to make a trip out to my sprint store that I always go to, to get a "hands on", love at first sight, real live, obsessed based "feel" of the phone.
But it is almost midnight here and I think I've rambled on enough for the day/night. I'll be back with y'all tomorrow.
Later gators!

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