Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have not been good...

So today makes exactly one week to the day that I have not worked out...at the gym or even here at home. I've been a bad girl. LOL. Crazy thing is, I really miss it. I can tell in my day to day life (work & home) that I'm just not the same. I don't feel as full of energy as I usually do. And to add to the drama of my week last week, my favorite "friend" in the whole wide world decided to come and visit me yesterday! The things we women do to stay motivated and on track is crazy. All these damn distractions make that cookie dough ice cream in the freezer look better and better. (And yes, it really was as good as it looked sitting there) But no more putting it off. Yesterday marked the first day of summer and I'm not near as ready for tank top season as I wanted to be. Look out world...I'm back in action..starting tomorrow, because its already 9:40pm here.

P.S. Doesn't princess Fiona's dress compliment her ogre-ish figure? (I'm currently watching Shrek 2 with juju)

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