Thursday, May 7, 2009

People actually READ my blog!

So I had to take tank to the hospital this morning for an x-ray of his chest. He's got this an old man who's been smoking his entire life mixed with that wet congestion cough...cough. 
Anyways, the radiologist (we'll call her england because she sounded like that was were she was from) calls us into the x-ray room and tells me to have a seat while she goes to get another radiology tech. So I put the diaper bag on a chair and set tank on the table just as the england and the other tech come back into the room. England tells me I have to put on the cover thing since i'll be holding tank while she does the xray, and to give tank to Dana (the tech). So I go to hand tank over to Dana and when she looks at me, she gives me this sorta hmmmm I know you look. I don't really care so I just take tank back and lay him on the table to do the first xray which was just him lying on his back. For the next xray though he had to be on his side. Wel I would get him on his side and then he would roll over onto his belly and start laughing. So this went on about 2 more times and I was like "juju you silly boy stop." Which of course broke tank into laughter. "Oh silly boy, you're not juju, you're my xa-pi! Are you laughing at mommy?" Dana looks up at me again with the same look she gave just a couple minutes ago. Well I brush it off again and we finally get the second xray done. England says that she's gonna take a look at the xrays and come back and let me know if she sees anything or not. So I get our stuff together as Dana changes the sheet tank was on, when she turns to me and says...

DANA: I know this may sound a bit crazy, but do you by any chance have a website?
ME: No. (duh Nicole you have a BLOG...a website...but of course I was thinking at the time)
DANA: You just look really familiar is all.
(Now this is when I finally realize, hey my blog IS a website)
ME: I do have a blog. So ya I guess I do have a website.
DANA: I know this is gonna sound a little off but is it called the locker room or the boys locker room or something like that? 
ME: Umm ya its called life in the boys' locker room......
(where she cuts me off and goes...)
DANA: I knew you looked familiar, but just couldn't place it. Then you called him juju and then I realized why you looked so familiar. Girl I read your blog all the time! You are too crazy sometimes! Because of you, my husband has to pour his bee-ah in a glass before he drinks it!
ME: OMG are you for real?! (and yes I said O-M-G just like that)
DANA: Girl, yes! Where have you been? How come you haven't posted in so long?
ME: WORK! But you really read my blog? That is way cool!

England comes back in and gives us the thumbs up that she didn't find anything.  Thank goodness. But the cough is still a mystery.

DANA: Well girl let me get back, but post soon. Your crazy life is my sanity.

WOW! Can y'all believe that?! This has definitely given me the extra boost to put more time into my blog and really start branding myself! 


  1. OH my gosh, this is sooooooo cool!!! Did you feel like a celebrity??? LOL!

    I was wondering where you've been too. Now I know!

  2. You're famous (at least in the radiology department)! COOL.

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