Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy sunday....

So...some have emailed me directly and know exactly how my week has been going. For the rest of you out there, let's just say that I will take it day by day...and day by day I know it will get easier. Skinny and milkshake left for Colorado on friday. For how long...I'm not sure just yet. 
Big daddy came home thursday and boy was I excited! That has been the best moment of my week! When he called, I was already there waiting for him. I could hear him smile through the phone...a real smile. When he came out, I literally ran to him and gave him the biggest hug my 4 foot 7 self could possibly give! He just wanted to get home and take a real shower. But of course on the way home, he quickly changed his mind and we went and picked up juju and tank first. Juju has been asking for him since monday so when he saw his daddy he jumped outta his seat and ran to him just like I did! You couldn't wipe the smile off big daddy's face. After we got home, he showered, I changed the little ones clothes and we were back out the door headed for dinner at McDonald's! We spent the rest of the night just sitting around watching tv.
Yesterday we both had the day off and spent the first half of the day cleaning out our attic. A task that has been long over due. We took everything we didn't want or need anymore to the goodwill truck around the corner and down the street from where we live. We spent the rest of the day shopping. Shopping is definitely therapy for the soul...LOL. I finally got some new workout clothes so I don't have to wear milkshake's old t-shirts anymore. Big daddy got more clothes for work and we got juju some shorts. Didn't see anything I liked for tank, but I will look today.
Today...I'm just going to be lazy! I just got done cleaning up the "new" playroom. Now only thing left to do is clean out the little ones' room after tank gets up from his nap. Oh and head over to wally world to get some shorts for tank. But thats it. I'm taking today easy and just relax for a chance from this past week.


  1. Hey girl!!! It's always better when daddy is around! Especially for boys!!!

    It sounds like you are having a relaxing day so far! I'm also cleaing up rooms and clearing out the old clothes! I already filled up 2 1/2 garbage bags!!!

  2. I love when my kids run to daddy! He loves it too!