Thursday, April 23, 2009

Conversations with a 2 yr. old (my 2 yr. old)

So I'm driving juju and tank to daycare. We stop at a red light and this is what we see:

JUJU: Momma big truck!
ME: I see. Its a semi-truck.
JUJU: No momma. Issa bee-ah (beer) truck. 
ME: How do you know its a beer truck.
JUJU: Momma iss daddy bee-ah truck. Dats daddy bee-ah. He got daddy bee-ah.
ME: Yes baby, that is the beer that daddy drinks.
JUJU: Yes. Iss daddy bee-ah truck. Ina bottle, member?
ME: You're right what was I thinking?
JUJU: Not a semi truck, a bee-ah truck. Daddy bee-ah truck.

*You think my husband drinks too much beer?!

So we keep driving and we get stopped at a light near a grocery store. And we see this:

(not the actual truck we saw, obviously)

JUJU: Ooh momma daddy bee-ah truck.
ME: I thought the other truck, was daddy's beer truck.
JUJU: Das daddy bee-ah truck too. Daddy like bee-ah. Daddy drink bee-ah.
Me: Oh I know now.
JUJU: Not juju. Juju drink milk. 
ME: Good.
JUJU: Why good? 
ME: Milk makes juju grow into a big boy. And then a man like daddy.
JUJU: Oh. Then juju drink bee-ah like daddy?
ME: How about you just drink milk for the rest of your life?
JUJU: Oh no. Issa resess.
ME: A what?
JUJU: Momma das too espensive.
ME: Were you trying to say its a recession?
JUJU: Ya dat.
ME: Ok. No more tv for you. 
JUJU: Daddy say it. Daddy say milk spensive.
ME: Well, next time tell daddy if he doesn't buy any more beer, then we'll have more money for milk.
JUJU: Ok. But daddy like bee-ah.
ME: I know.
JUJU: Too bad daddy. I a big boy!

The things that come out of juju's mouth amazes me. I can't wait to see what age 3 brings.


  1. Ha ha, that's great. From now on when I have a beer, I am making SURE that Aurbeigh doesn't see me with it :). My oldest just assumes they are "sodas."

    Now if a semi pulls up with a load of Circus Peanuts, that would be my truck.

    Take care,

  2. Oh my gosh : ). That is too cute for words. Be ah. My husband likes beah too!