Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aahhhh sundays

This is my first sunday off from work in a LONG time. Last sunday didn't count because I was driving ALL DAY. Anyways...I don't mind working on sundays for the simple fact that we get paid premium pay. What's that you ask? Plain and simple we get time and a half any sunday we work. But sometimes I NEED a sunday off. I get to stay home and be lazy because all the cleaning was done yesterday. The only thing I need to worry about is dinner and thats not for another 7 hours. Sundays are also the best times for me to connect with my boys. Big daddy is at work until 6pm, so its just me and my boys. So the plans for today? NOTHING. I just want to sit and enjoy them today. Like right now as I type this, skinny is reading a book to juju, who is actually sitting on his lap listening, and milkshake is sitting on the couch reading a book. And in the background is the sopranos. Aahhh sundays.
Tomorrow is (drum roll please) my 29th birthday! YAY! I've actually been looking forward to this all month. Now big daddy is usually pretty good about my birthday. I don't want anything except a birthday cake...a home made cake like we do for everybody in the house. Well I had to work yesterday. As I was leaving for work, he was leaving for walmart to get groceries. So I got excited. I could already taste the butter yellow cake with chocolate frosting! Well I got home at 11 last night, and like a kid at christmas time I went into our pantry to look for the cake box. NOTHING.  Ok, ok my birthday isn't until tomorrow. But I was feeling a little bummed. So this morning I gently remind him that I still wanted a butter yellow cake. He said ok. So lets hope he doesn't forget.
So what's up for the rest of the day? Well, I'll be nursing my aching muscles for one. Big daddy and I joined a local gym on thursday. Yesterday morning before work I went and took a spin hour long spin class. For starters  bike seats are so not cool! I mean hello!  But besides how uncomfortable the seat was, it was overall, an awesome workout. My heart was pumping and I never felt better. I knew that when I hurt later, it was going to be a good hurt. So this morning I roll over to get off the bed and OMG! Everything below my waist to my knees hurts. My area down there feels like one big bruise. Stupid bike seat! And to top it all off, my "friend" paid me a visit last night when I was at work. I guess my "friend" is a blessing in disguise, because I don't even wanna think about sex right now! LMAO! And this is only the next day after the workout. The third day is the worst! Pray for me. LOL

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