Thursday, April 2, 2009

April fools, non-reality, cracking your knuckles, and other off the wall questions

Welcome to another edition of MY version of Thursday Thunks...

1. Did you play any April Fools jokes on anyone or have a joke played on you?

Not this year...BORING! Last year though, my bestie told us she was moving to Georgia for some guy. The joke: She's the only level-headed one in my circle. She would NEVER just up and move for some guy. The kicker was, she was and still is, totally in love with this guy. Yes Kris, I just aired your business. My bad. So it was VERY believeable.

2. If you could be on any non-reality TV show as a guest star or star, which one would it be and why?

House of Payne...totally funny show. Ooh or House. Definitely C.S.I. (Vegas or Miami) House, cuz its a cool show and I would want to be the patient with the crazy symptoms. C.S.I. because its C.S.I.

3. Do you crack your knuckles?

I used to all the time until somebody told me it causes arthritis. Is that true? Anyways...haha I just cracked my knuckles..LOL. I normally just ball up my hand into a fist, and all my knuckles crack..You know like in all those karate and kung fu movies.

4. If you remember your first day of kindergarten, were you scared or excited? If you have kids or grandkids, were they scared or excited?

I really don't remember my first day of kindergarten. I do remember what the classroom looked like though...isn't that crazy.

5. If you are in the shower, hear the fire alarm going off and smell smoke/see flames, will you just run out of the house with a towel on or grab some clothes & dress as you run out?

Shoot...ima carry my ass out the house! Forget tryna get dressed..and on the way out...please..i'll fall on my ass and get burnt up! And besides..i think I look good ass F*&%K in a towel, dripping wet! LMAO!

6. Last week the Thursday Thunkers asked about your Daddy (twice), so this week tell us a little about your Mom.

She still lives in Hawaii with the rest of my family...hey wait...I didn't participate last week. Why were people wanting to know about people's daddy?

7. Which search engine do you use most often?

Google. I mean my browser is even google chrome.

8. Did you participate in Earth Hour?

NO..didn't even know when earth hour was. I 'read' a lot of people 'talking' bout it, but didn't pay attention. Is that bad? Oh well.

9. What was the last new-to-you movie you watched? Was it in the theater or on DVD? Was it good?

Like seriously, it was know with Angelina Jolie. Like big daddy has the tightest suicide scene ever.

10. If you do something embarrassing, do you laugh it off, or sit & worry about it?

Hell, I laugh it off. why get so bent out of shape for something that has already past.

11. Where is your favorite spot in your home to sit & relax?

The one bothers me when I'm using the bathroom. I've even SAID I had to use the bathroom to get a couple minutes of peace.

So come play along if not today, then next week.


  1. I was LOL'ing about the fire and you getting burnt up!!! That was a good one!! Haha!

  2. dang it, how come everyone bothers me when I am on the toilet.. what do ya do.. I get a knock, a MOM, and everything else.. My place is 2 am... peace and quiet!