Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deadliest Warrior

If you tweet with me, then you know I have a new fave show..."Deadliest Warrior" on spike. I have 2 words for this show...THE SHIT!! Seriously. Ok, so every week, they put two warriors up against each other and see which of them would win a fight. They do 2 days worth of testing on things like their weapons and their armour. They have these "tests" that can figure out how strong a hit is and what kind of damage it does. Like the first episode was apache vs. gladiator. I was gun-ho for the gladiator. But in the end the apache came out victorious. Well last night they had viking vs. samurai. I was going for the samurai and big daddy was going for the viking (mostly because as a kid he was fascinated with vikings...he was born in germany what can you say?) Well they were showing what kind of damage a samurai's katana (his fighting blade) can do. The stunt samurai guy took a slice, a slice people, out of rubber man's head!! Ok, so I know I'm leaving out a bunch of details. Sue me I'm excited about this show. And besides, if you want to know what I'm talking about, you'll watch next week tuesday. Anyways...a slice! But then the viking stunt guy came on with his viking axe and pummeled (I have no idea how to spell that) rubber man's whole head! I mean if rubber man did not have a steel rod for his spine, his head would've been on the floor! But my man came out on top in the end. Go samurai! need to watch this show...its sooooo awesome. And look...I know it comes on the same time as RHONY, but you can switch back and forth when one goes to commercial. So check it out! I didn't convince you? Well check THIS out!

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