Thursday, October 1, 2009

Car talk...

On the way to daycare this morning, Juju and I had a very interesting conversation:

JUJU: Mommy, what dat mommy?

ME: (Luckily we were at a stop light so I could turn to see what he was referring to)
Thats a cemetary.

JUJU: What dat "cemterrry"?

ME: (Seriously?! Totally at a loss for words...)
When you die, thats where they put you. (I had no idea what to say can you tell?)

JUJU: Oh die.

ME: Do you know what that means? Die?

JUJU: The car and then hit my face, and then hit my leg, and then my face.

ME: Like if you get into a car accident...

(then I'm interrpted)

JUJU: And you DIE (said really loud and low) mommy.

ME: Its like this...when you get old, you eventually will die because (pause-then interrupted again)

JUJU: Cuz you no wake up. Cuz you hit yours face.

ME: Ok.

JUJU: the movie they crash and he hit his face and he DIE (said loud and low again) Daddy movie the man hit his face then he DIE (again said loud and low lol) more movie time with daddy. Well at least there's some kind of a basic concept there, right? I've asked big daddy what movie Juju was referring to, and all he could come up with is Transformers. Who knows.


  1. My husband watched Jaws for my kids when they were little and I started getting some odd statements from them too. Men can't be trusted!

  2. It goes to show how much the kids pay attention to things too. Kids are so curious about everything!!

  3. Too funny. They come up with the craziest stuff sometimes.