Friday, September 4, 2009

"You have WHAT in your gym bag?!"

Is what big daddy said after I told him the contents of my gym bag. We had gotten our next cycle of supplements in the mail the other day and with it came a free drawstring gym bag. His exact question was, "so what all do you have in your gym bag?" Let's extra pair of socks, my workout notebook, rubber bands for my hair, towel, mp3 player, a granola or cereal bar, and my Pond's cleansing towelettes. LOL.

A few weeks back I became involved with Pond's. They sent me a 30-day sample of their wet cleaning towelettes. According to Pond's, these towelettes are more effective at removing dirt and makeup than other leading brands--up to 40% more. I don't wear makeup, but figured it would totally benefit me because of how "dirty" and "oily" and just plain gross my face gets after I work out. Splashing water on my face and then wiping it off with my "gym" towel just wasn't doing anything for my face, besides drying it completely out.
This is definitely nothing like the Pond's products my grandmother used when I was growing up. The towelettes are wet but not sopping. Best thing is that they have vitamin E and chamomile in it, making them super gentle on my face. It was like using a baby wipe but way better. ;) They are super easy and fast to use. The cloths themselves are not scratchy like most other brands I've tried--they are really soft and gentle. One of the things I noticed right away was how after I wiped my face, I didn't get that soapy after-feeling. Just a fresh clean face.

It kinda made me wish I did wear know so I could wipe it off. :) So thats what I did. I put on some waterproof mascara and headed to the gym. Oh my word! Throughout my workout I sweated up a storm, as usual, mascara never even ran (great stuff). Headed to the bathroom to clean up and whipped out my cleansing cloths. Take the dirty sweat off my face, it did. Along with my mascara that didn't even run during my workout. No raccoon eyes for me (I know a lot of you out there know what I'm talking about). AWESOME!

Not totally convinced and want to know more? Check out where you can read all about it and get information on Pond's Superior Clean money back guarantee. You can even download coupons.

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  1. I'll have to try those!!!!! One of my friends was just talking about them the other day!!