Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why do you (insert social media prefernce here)?

So I was asked this question yesterday. (Well I was actually asked why do I blog and why do I follow "celebities" on twitter). To date, I have: blogger, twitter, facebook, myspace, linked in, and this moment accounts. WOW!

Why do I blog? Simply put-->I love it! Great stress release. And my blog peeps are the best. I know that I am never "the only one" going through something. I love being a part of a "family" that misses hearing about my life when ever I'm away for a day, a week, or even a month. I love how we just all seem to get along and really are there for each other...happy, sad, surprising, and sometimes through devastating circumstances.

Why do I follow celebrities on twitter? Well, to those in the know (lol), twitter makes them seem a lot more human...real. They really do have regular lives. Except they get their picture taken almost all of their waking moments.

Facebook and myspace have actually linked me to my past. Friends from way back in the day...i'm talking like babysitter/preschool times here. Highschool...and even college. As you already know, I was born and raised in Hawaii. I attended private school my entire life! 12 years to be exact. Uniform and all, church and all. After I graduated from highschool I packed up and moved to Las Vegas for college (UNLV). How I ended up here in Louisiana really doesn't need to be relived but I'm here. I have found so many people along my life's journey that I have completely lost touch with. Now we are re-connected, re-forming bonds. Don't you love that?! I know I do.

My linked in account--> well I haven't really, really done anything with that just yet. I know I want to be able to network with other entrepreneurs and I believe that linked in would be great. I still need to learn more about it.

I was lucky to be a beta tester for this moment. I love the concept of breaking down a key moment in your life, to fill the world in on exactly how you were feeling at that time.

Simply put--why do I social media? Because its fun an addicting! I love how you can connect and relate with so many different people in all aspects of life...young and old, through tragedy and joy, personally or on a business level.

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  1. I love Facebook. I even have my business page on there which is awesome. I've reconnected with old friends too. Pretty neat.

    MySpace is cool too. i have both personal & biz accounts there too. But it doesn't seem as adult as Facebook.

    I dont Twitter... nope, never.

    I know about Linkdin but have not checked it out much either.

    And blogging .. I love to blog even if I forget to do it oftentimes.