Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodnight Juju...

Me: Goodnight juju, I love you.

Juju: (silence-eyes directed @ The Lion King on tv)

(Yes I let my son fall asleep while watching tv-not like its an everyday thing-besides, its on a sleep timer for 20 min--shoot me)

Moving on...

Me: Bubba-goodnight.

Juju: I still watch Lion King mama.

Me: I know, just want to say goodnight & I love you.

Juju: Mama-get out the way. I can't see. Ugghh mama no love. Move please.

Me: Ok (and I give him a kiss on his forward)

I get up to walk out of the room, & turn around to look at him just in time to see him wipe my kiss of his forehead. LOL. Jerk. LOL. I think he's been hanging around big daddy too much.

2 minutes later...

Juju: (yellin) Mama I love you!

Then, silence...

I walk to his room and peek in the door. He's turned the dvd player & tv off & is layin facing the wall. My sweet boy. I turn to leave &...

Juju: Goodnight juju.

Me: Goodnight juju.

Juju: (in his excited voice) Ya that's right. Love you.

Um ok. LOL. Strange I know.

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