Friday, December 14, 2012

Fitness Friday - Workout Buddy

Let's face's the holidays...we're all busy trying to get ready: presents, decorating, food planning, even preparing for family visits. It's hard to squeeze in time to get it all done. I know. I'm hosting Christmas eve this year and I feel like I am in over my head and its only December 14! Whew I am exhausted...I don't want to work out..."I don't have time." WRONG! You know what I have that helps me to make sure that I do make time? My "buddy" Maria. Yup. I have a workout buddy.

Maria is a stay at home mom just like me. Our sons are in the same class at school and we live in the same complex. She's trying to get ready for her 1st holiday away from her family (she just moved here from Chicago over the summer). She's into fitness like I am. We both get those days where all we want to do after we walk the kids to school is just go back to our homes and sit/lay on the couch until our little ones come home at 11am. She has kept me motivated to keep going, and I do the same for her. Periods (sorry, overshare) don't even stop us. She is petite just like I am, so any weight that we gain is very obvious. We've been baking up a storm, and with all those treats, we make sure that we carve out at least 10 minutes of the day to "prep." LOL. Short is one thing...short and chunky is another. 

I cherish those 10 minutes of "sanity." We gossip,we laugh, we work out our frustrations of "not enough time in a day." We get it done together. It helps. 

I also have workout buddies online as well. These are men and women who I've met through blogging and twitter and even instagram. I like progress motivation. I love seeing when people go to the gym and post sweaty pictures of themselves, or pictures of what workout they are going to do or just completed. I like before and after pictures. I look to these people as motivation as well to keep me going. From them, I find new workouts to keep my body challenged. I even share these workouts with Maria.

I'm lucky that Big Daddy shares a love of fitness with me. He's actually the driving force behind my working out and wanting to be in the best shape I can be. Before Maria, he and I used to work out together at least once a week (our schedules clashed so much that there was only one day we could work out together). He would do his work out and then come and walk me through mine, helping me with form and just pushing out that last rep. Trust me, nothing makes you feel sexier than when you catch your man smiling at you as your doing your reps. It feels just as good as when you're pissed off because he makes you do another rep after you're obviously exhausted and after you crank out that rep he smiles so big and gives you a high forget that you were pissed off just .2 seconds ago LOL.

Working out is tough...and yes...sometimes it is hard to make time for it. But do it. Find someone who shares an interest or love of fitness with you and attach yourself LOL. Seriously. It's so much easier to have someone who is there right next to you physically and even online supporting you. Share your goals with that person...this will help you to remain accountable and not fall of the wagon. In turn, that person will share with you and you can help them as well. 

Oh ya...I almost forgot...

Now you KNOW I won't let you off the hook and have an "off" day. :-)
Today's workout is brought to you by Kandee Johnson and Natalie Jill. Perfect and simple to get you through the next couple of weeks...hopefully with your workout buddy.


  1. i just finished insanity asylum's "back to core" workout and it was tough. the reverse planks with dynamic leg work literally made me yell and when shaun t. kept going and not giving us a break, i actually shouted "what the f*ck!?" LOL

    i prefer to work out alone; i've always been like that. my hubs is the same way. we used to go to the gym together but when we arrived, totally ignore each other and go our separate ways, as if we were complete strangers.

  2. Workout buddies for life!!! Sorry I been slacking on giving you the info for my program I have been crazy busy with midterms! I was going to try and get out a Fitness Friday today if I have time. I need to get back to writing them since they are my favorite posts!!

    I am so glad you found someone in your complex!! Thats great you guys have so much in common, not to mention motivation.

    You are so right about working out with your man. Mine also pushes and motivates me to keep going and trying new things. Plus he always tells me how hot I look working out.. its weird that he enjoys me all sweaty and rough looking!! Like the other day I was finishing up at the gym and he kept singing "you in first place..." hahaha

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