Wednesday, December 12, 2012

4W - Austin Rugby Club

I've totally mentioned (a lot) that Big Daddy plays rugby. He started playing when we moved here in 2010, and he loves everything about it. He's actually quite good for never having played EVER. What helped him to adapt to the game was that he played football for a long time. At one point he even played semi pro football. He's ridiculously athletic, which everyone seems to love about him. Perfect sport for a man's man if you ask me. Hard hitting, no thinking, just smash = Big Daddy. 
The whole rugby community is super excited for rugby's come back in the 2016 Olympics. Rugby continues to grow here in the states which is awesome! Granted, it may not be such a big deal like it is overseas but we'll get there ;-)

The Austin Blacks are a United States rugby union team in Austin, Texas. They compete in the Texas Rugby Union and the West Rugby Union of USA Rugby. The Blacks are the competitive men's team of the Austin Rugby Club. We compete at 2 different levels: Men's division 1 and division 3.

"Austin is only the second club in USA rugby history to have two teams compete at the National Championship Play-Offs in the same season with our Division 3 team also winning the Texas Championships." *source* 
(that was the first year that Big Daddy played with the club...he scored the winning try in that D3 championship game)

Season officially begins for the Blacks on Saturday, January 5th, 2013 in Houston against the Houston Athletic Rugby Club (HARC). Our DIII team will play at 2:00pm followed by our DI team at 3:30pm.

Home matches are played at the ARC field here in Austin:

6013 Loyola Lane, Austin, TX 78724
We play all over Texas and are playing in both Las Vegas and Chicago next year as well.

We, the women behind the men of the Austin Rugby Club (which really was myself and another chic), also started a support group last year...we are called the Belles. Open to all the women supporters of the Austin Blacks.

I know, I know...such a formal sounding post LOL. So unlike me huh? But hey, this is's serious business ;-) And I'm just so excited!

If y'all are in the area, you should come watch our team play. See for yourselves how awesome we are. I promised this year that I would video tape the games, so expect a lot of behind the scenes goodness here and of course on my YouTube channel. 

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  1. OMG, i am so going to show Sean this post. But then maybe i shouldn't because he would ask me why i haven't done such a post for his team, hahaha.

    Sean has been playing rugby since college so 10 years now and he is obsessed. it's ridiculous how obsessed he is. you want to know why we got married in November, because it was off season and he wouldn't miss a game. even when we travel he tries to put that in as a claus. and then i say, hell no and then i win. but he tries it any chance he gets.

    we got an invite to a wedding for next year and he said he can't go because it's during the season ... he's crazy.

    any who, i may or may not show Sean this post :)