Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wassup wassup, wassup wassup WASSUP!

So I am back from the sick bed! It was bad. I'm back to work but still get tired easily. I should be at a 100% by the weekend.
So how has everyone been without me? Miserable? Awww thats sweet ;) I missed y'all too! I have some GREAT posts in my head, but came across this meme and took the easy way out (shoot me later).


 {one} do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?
um sure...definitely when I'm driving. I just forget when I'm the passenger.

{two} do you crack your knuckles? 
Ha! I just did it right now lol. I used to all the time. Especially when I was like waiting for a prescription or something.

{three} what is your favorite flavor of gum?
I would have to go with cinnamon
{four} what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
A diamond ring that my grandma gave me when I graduated from college. wedding ring :)
{five} who is your best friend?
I actually have like 5 SUPER GREAT friends: Kristian, Tanisha, Janice, Dezerae, and Desiree 
{six} what is your favorite smell?
coconut-->reminds me of suntan lotion-->reminds me of the beach

{seven} what is your favorite lunch meat?
honey ham
{eight} do you still have your tonsils?
yup..still dangling
{nine} do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
I very rarely use shoes...only to work out in.  And no, I don't untie them first.
{ten} what color is your car?
My first post back. Keepin it simple. You should link up..its fun :) all the cool kids are doing it.


  1. Glad you're finally feeling better!

    Coconut always reminds me of the beach too...mmmmm....beach...

  2. COconut reminds me of the beach too!

  3. Glad you're feeling better! LOL at your tonsils danglin

  4. hi very nice and Love the pink walls Great job
    twin xl bedding .

  5. i love coconut smells and pretty much everything else that screams BEACH!! =)

    PS. Yay!! So glad you're feeling better.

  6. When I went back to work after being really sick this month, I still was so tired and drained for about a week afterward. Now, I am finally feeling back to normal. Feels like it took forever!

  7. Hi Nicole! I'm visiting from SITS...nice to "meet" you! Sure sounds like you've had a tough go of it, but glad you're on the mend! Ahh...coconut...definitely a FAVORITE!