Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boy am I pooped!

So I typed out my title, walked away from my desk, came back and realized I had actually typed in "Boy I pooped!" Good thing I noticed and changed it HA!

July has been full steam ahead for my fam bam. The first weekend we celebrated Juju's 5th birthday (pictures to come). That first week I also started Insanity. Oh, company also had our last softball game of the season. Which btw we lost. We actually never won a single game, but we always had fun. We celebrated our losing streak with a pool party right after. This past weekend we went to 2 pool parties, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday: the one on Saturday was a 4th birthday and Sunday, was just because. So I've basically been living in a bikini all month long lol. Hey that doesn't bother me except for when I have to put on clothes to go to work. Big fat BOO! I'm starting to not like working at my job, but I won't get into that.

I've officially started teaching hula/tahitian classes. Its soooo much fun! My students are just great! They are so eager to learn about the culture and language. I get excited for every class. I hope to start teaching some kids and eventually, besides teaching at the hula school, I want to do a hula/tahitian fitness class. A polynesian dance fitness class. Whoa now that is a mouthful LOL. Trying to see if I can teach an hour long class at a local gym. Should be lots of fun.

I've also been furiously planning a surprise birthday party for Big Daddy. Its super stressful. Well let me is STUPID stressful. The day and place is all planned out. He has no clue. But then out of the blue he wants to plan a trip for the weekend of the party to watch a rugby tourney in Colorado. What the hezzy?!! I've been trying to certain friends to run some defense to keep him here but so far nothing is really working. GRRRRRR! I am getting frustrated but can't even say anything to him lol. I'll keep y'all updated.

I do have some FUN news...I am going to be having a contest! A picture contest at that! So keep your eyes peeled....


  1. I really hope you get the surprise party going, that would be could. I would like to do the same for Hubby next year :).

    Good luck.

  2. I want to take your classes! Sounds like things have been busy busy! Congrats on your pooping.

  3. Aloha, sign me up for hula fitness any day! As for the hubs trying to go to the tourney, make up some fake aapointment that you guys have to attend that way he can't book any plans to go to the tourney.

  4. Good luck with the surprise birthday party! I planned one once, and I think I went grey as a result of it. But the party boy (ex-husband! Had I known I wouldn't have bothered!) but he had no idea and had the time of his life!

  5. I hope the surprise party works out! Insanity, that's a tough one!!