Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Instagram weekend 1

So OBVIOUSLY I FINALLY registered a username. After all its said and done...I used my first, middle and last name. Totally didn't think about it at first LOL.
Here are a couple pics I tool and I must say I am obsessed with all the filters. I already have favorite ones.

1st row L-R: 1- on our way to the Junior Dillo 1 mile run. 2 - right after he crossed the finish line (1 mile in 9:38...SOOOO PROUD!). 3 - afternoon at home enjoying the sun

2nd row L-R: 1 - my BamBam. 2 - my Juju. 3 - my new cel phone case

3rd row L-R: 1 - me and my BamBam boogie. 2 - puppy love. 3 - Big Daddy.

I think I may make this a weekly thing. I KNOW almost all of you are on instagram so come find me: nicolemariejohnson


  1. Yay!! I love all the filters too!! So addicting!! Off to find you!

  2. Hi Nicole, Thank you for following my blog, just returning the favor;). I NEED to get an iphone...i currently have the Envy 2, since my droid phone died on me on the 3rd week of having it. Lame. I only want the iphone for the camera:). i think im due for an upgrade in may. so ill instagram yo booty then. Thanks again, and looking forward to more posts from you.



  3. I don't have it! But I need a new phone so I can have all the fancy what nots.