Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm cool *High-five*

You should follow me on twitter. I'm pretty cool and amazing and VERY random. So all in all its a very good time...

So this is how it went...
As I stated in my first tweet, I was in my car, sitting in traffic, when Lil Jon came on the radio. There's something magical about that beat that makes you get CRUNK almost instantly. That and his infamous "YE-YAH!" Moving on...So I was getting pretty crunk in my car bobbing my head when I look over and a car with 5 high school kids is looking at me bug eyed with their mouths hanging open. Not sure if they were staring impressed, embarrassed or what. Well the kid in the passenger seat signals for me to roll down my window. I so obliged and they asked me what I was listening to. I said in my best Lil Jon voice, "Lil Jon, YE-YAH!" Which was again followed by gaping mouths. The kid asked me, "Wow is that old school? Who is that?!"
Really kid? Really?! Who doesn't know the king of crunk? I mean even my 5 year old knows who that is.
Before I could come up with something not old sounding, they interrupt my thoughts by saying, "you need to listen to THIS" and turns their radio up super loud. I smile and pretty much yell back, "Oh...that's Kirko Bang."
The response I got was amazing LOL. It was like "Oh yeah" with some "That's the SHIT" added to "Lady you're awesome" mixed in with the kid hanging out of the car window to give me a high five. Yup I'm pretty damn cool....and old.


  1. WHAAAAT! O-KAYYYY! How the freak can they NOT know who Lil' John is!!?? OMG! Lil' John, Ying Yang Twins, Petey Pablo...those are classics! Good lord if kids these days don't know who they are...yeah we must be getting old. -_-

    And darling, you're always cool in my book!

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. Seriously?! They don't know Lil John! What world are they living in, lol. But what a hilarious story!!

  3. Hahaha! Love it!!!! Oh, you are definitely a cool mom!! :)