Saturday, November 22, 2008

2 Drive A Truck or Not

So my hubby has been on the grind the past week and a half tryna find a job here locally. Thursday he applied for this trucking company. He was told right away that he would need to call some guy the next day at 10am. Later that afternoon his cel phone rings from a Shreveport number. It turns out to be Sam's Town hotel and casino asking to meet with him on monday at 3pm. He couldn't be happier-finally after almost 2 weeks of applying for job after job he gets his first callback. It was so exciting to see the look on his face when he told me that they wanted to meet with him.
Well of course he still had to call the trucking company back, which he did by the way. And was almost immediately told that he could start this coming monday if he wanted to. Boy that was quick! Anyways he would be going to truck driving in Dallas. And then once thats over he would be on the road 15 days, then 3 days home. Because they would be paying for him to go to truck driving school, he would have to sign a contract to remain with the company for one year. ONE YEAR! He's not too sure about it for the simple fact that he would be away from the boys for so long. And plus, we've got all these plans to fix up the house the way we want it. How are we supposed to do that if he's gone all the time?
Well he's got a big decision to make. To drive a truck or not, that is the question?

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