Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Day Off Well Spent

I know I am VERY late in posting this but i've been BUSY!

I don't get many true days off. Normally if I'm off at one job, I'm working at the other. And whenever I do get a day off, its just Rickey, me and the 2 little ones..Jason and Chad are always in school.
Well not on this day--
Started off the morning quite invigoratingly! wink, wink!! (is that even a word?) Anyways..sat around watchin tv and monsters inc with juju. After the kids had their mid-morning snack, Rickey asked me if I wanted to go to the park, and if I did then I needed to get ready. I assumed it was gonna be just the 2 of us with the 2 little ones, but I hear him tell Jason and Chad to hurry up and get dressed or they weren't going. I was excited because the all 6 of us don't really go anywhere all together anymore. Its always a space issue...that and someone is always grounded. We piled into the trailblazer and made our way to the duck pond. It was windy out but not too bad. We got outta the truck and there were geese everywhere! I swear there were like 15 of them. They were just a honking away! Juju was so excited! He wanted to follow them everywhere! Normally its just me, Rickey, juju, and xa when we come to the park. And juju runs around but not like really playin on anything. Well not today--Juju wanted to play and jump on everything because Jason and Chad were jumping on everything. I could tell Rickey was having fun too. Juju even went down the big orange slide with Chad. Not just one time like he normally does with me, but like 3, 4, maybe even 5 times with Chad. We all ahd a GREAT time! All the boys were exhausted when we left. Juju of course did not want to leave...had a fit like he always does. Poor baby--he was so tired.

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