Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember

As I sit here this morning watching footage of this day, I give tears to the brave. I see the flames and the brave flagging to let us know they are still there...alive...trapped. I hear the 911 tapes. Its one sided, but can imagine the panic on the other end of the line. My heart is pounding and I feel cold. Thoughts of what I was doing that day flood my head...
I got up to go to class that morning. I stepped outside and it was a ghost town. Did I wake up early on Saturday thinking I had class? I ran back into my apartment. Damnit! I left the freaking tv on again. And I saw it. The 2nd plane hit the tower.
I was 21 living & going to school in Las Vegas at the time. I had never felt alone ever until that moment. 10 years later, married with 2 more children, I remember. Skinny & Milkshake were 5 & 3...I don't think they remember. I will remember for them. I will remember for Juju & BamBam who will hopefully never know of this type of devastation. Who at the current time is laughing & singing, watching Rio. They will learn. They will ask questions & I will answer with what I remember.
I will always remember.


  1. Its hard trying to explain it on their level. K has been talking about it for awhile now.