Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Momma's got a new pair of heels!

Well actually Heelys. 

We, well I, recently got a pair of Heelys to keep and "test drive". I know you're thinking what the heck?! But I only got a pair because they didn't come in either of the dude's shoe sizes. Let the fun begin! I placed my order for what I thought was cool and hip and something that I could heel around with jeans and a cute top on and not look like a mom trying to be a teenager. (I secretly covet the pink sparkly pair, still to this day)
Anyways...I ordered and that same day at the grocery store I saw 2 boys "heeling" through the aisles. First thought was, damn kids where are your parents. But then....queue heavenly music....I realized, OMG YES! That's going to be me!
I was ecstatic to come home from work about a week later to see that cool black and red box sitting on my dining room table. My poor Juju. The box came right before his birthday and he thought it was for him. :( I promised him that as soon as his feet grew big enough for the smallest size, I would get him a pair. I love love the pair I decided to get. Very grown up but still super cool. And goodness me, they are super comfortable! Y'all know that I don't like shoes, but I put them on without socks and they felt great. Big Daddy helped to put the wheels on them for me and all I could think about was heeling through the grocery store. But seriously, the ability to take the wheels off and where them just like a regular pair of sneakers is great too. Did you see what a great looking pair I got in that picture above?
I wish he got a video of me, because boy oh boy I was a hot mess! I could barely get up on my heel to do any rolling in the first place. But I did eventually get it...with some coaching. And by coaching I mean telling me how to first take off on the balls of my feet/shoes and then lean back on my heels/wheels. It was tons of fun. After awhile I tried to get fancy and go in between "walking" and heeling, but then I hit some uneven sidewalk that sent me into our yard of dead grass and dirt. It did make for some great laughs. (Still to this day I am reminded of how mommy thought she was so cool and then fell in the dirt)
One thing I wasn't expecting was my calves and abs feeling so tight in the morning. A workout?! Definitely a plus! I will definitely be getting the dudes a pair so we can heel into the sunset together.

To see all the other styles Heelys carries, visit You can also view videos and how-to guides on their website. (I probably should have done that before attempting to heel LOL).
You can also connect with Heelys on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

*disclosure - I was provided with a free pair of Heelys in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my very own and not influenced by Heelys or anyone else.*


  1. ROTFL. I've never seen an adult in them only kids. However, sounds like you can get things done quicker. Maybe I could practice the Gangsta walk in some. LOL

  2. Hey girl! Love the heelys! lol sorry about your tumble in the yard. ^.^ They seem so fun!

    I just read your comment & my brushes are just some random no name brushes I got at Walmart during Christmas, when they put up all those gift sets & I have a couple $1 ELF brushes which are awesome!

  3. That is hilarious! I'd love a pair of Heelys. Then maybe I could keep up with my kids ;)

  4. I can totally see you gliding through the store in your Heelys!

    I secretly want a pair too. :)