Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gangster (teehee)

Dropping off Juju at school this morning...

Crossing guard: Its really windy this morning Mrs. J, where's your jacket? Aren't you cold?

Juju: Oh my my mommy is fine. She's gangster.

Crossing guard: (talking to Juju) Oh I see. Well you look very warm today. But aren't your legs cold? (he did have a jacket on but was wearing shorts)

Juju: Naw. I'm gangster too. And it gets hot. Pants are dumb. I like shorts. Makes me run real fast. Cuz you know, I'm gangster.

Obviously he gets it from his mama. LOL! That boy cracks me up!


  1. omg, that is hilarious! i must be gansta too, hehe ;)

  2. God I love Juju....lol! He is just so gangsta...that's why.

  3. LOL! That's hilarious. Being a G runs in the family <33