Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm on vacation!!!!

That's right folks...I am on vacation! Not like on an actual vacation like my friend Nini (you lucky duck!) but just on vacay from my full time job. Last day of work was Friday the 23rd and I don't see my desk again until January! I sooooooo needed this time off too. Time to re-evaluate, time to purge, time to get back in touch with my family and my hubby. There is something about sleeping in (in my world that means getting up at 8am instead of 6am) that just makes my day so fulfilling LOL. I get to basically play all day! I mean who wouldn't enjoy that?!
I always miss my dudes when I go to work, but wow, I feel like I'm missing so much. Yes they are in school almost all day but damn. Being home with them, I have once again gone into re-evaluating my work situation. Right now, its ideal for me to work full time. Big Daddy and I have talked about me not working off and on since the school year started. But just since Friday, we've talked about it way more than we ever have. I'll keep y'all updated on what I am thinking about doing. But the gist of it comes down to me either 1. going to part time hours or 2. quitting completely and going back to school full time. Time will tell.
Besides talking about work, I have been slowly purging a bunch of things we have...clothes, books, furniture, DVDs...etc. I want to get everything completely organized by the end of January and am taking full advantage of my free time. I also have a plan to turn my night stand into a small vanity area. so far the biggest part has been done, and that was the dudes closets. Clothes and toys and stuff was thrown away or donated and everything organized. Everything now has a home...even the Nerf bullets have a place to call their own instead of being housed at the bottom of random bins. I also cleaned out our linen closet. Next up will be my part of our closet and the shelving unit inside the closet that currently holds more of my "stuff."

Lots going on in the locker room this week. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and ate until their heart's content. I most definitely did. And yesterday, I got back to the business of getting my body back into tip top shape.

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