Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little crafty me

So I, like most of you, are addicted in love with Pinterest. Juju's Kindergarten teacher is AMAZING and I wanted to actually make her something just as amazing as she is. I saw this and thought OH MY GOD...PERFECT!

And so I began...I tried to lay everything out one by one next to each other just for placements sake, but it just wasn't working. So I went with north, south, east, west....

Then glued a crayon in the middle of the "section" and so on and so forth...until this...

Of course I wasn't done yet. It took a total of 2 days for everything to set and not slide off. I was still waiting for glue to dry this morning. But here it is in all its finished glory...

The picture quality totally sucks, but isn't it just cute?! I got the little ornament (it says "Teacher" in green in the middle-green is Juju's favorite color) from Michael's for only a $1.00. In fact...everything cost a dollar or less:
Crayons: $0.64
Styrofoam wreath/circle: $1.00
Ornament: $1.00
(I already had the ribbon and the glue)