Thursday, December 25, 2008

Because I'm sitting in avail...STILL

So it sucks to have to work on christmas day, but hey what are you gonna do? Its not so bad here at 7am and didn't get a call until 9am. So again, not bad.
We opened gifts last night. Poor tank...he was so sleepy! And of course he was more into the wrapping paper than what was actually inside of it. Actually, he was more into everyone else's gifts than his own. Juju...oh another set to his thomas the train set collection. He was so EXCITED!!!!! He walked up to my husband, looked him right in his eyes and said 'smoochies'. I thought my husband was gonna break down and cry right then and there. It was so sweet. He said he'll never forget that moment. But hey what about mama?! Nope, no smoochies for me...he just wanted daddy to open it up and set it up. We got Jase and Chad lego sets and a pair of chucks each. What is it with boys and shoes? They say we women are bad but sheesh, not in my house. Its pretty much equal. Everybody got clothes as usual. This year, the boys and I decided to get the hubby some workout stuff. Got him ab straps that go with his perfect pullups, a gift card to GNC for his vitamins, and a kettle ball. We all got things that we really wanted.
I wish they would just send us home already. They were talking about doing it but nothing yet. This is one of those times that I'm glad that I work in the business department now.
Well MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL! Hope yours is as truly blessed as mine!

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