Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hubby received the perfect pull ups I ordered for him yesterday. He was like a kid on christmas and couldn't wait to set it up. He didn't want to put it outside where it could possibly get damaged by the rain so he decided that the best place for it would be in our bedroom doorway. But of course he had to wait. Tank was in his crib taking a nap. But let me tell soon as we heard his cries and I got him outta his crib, he had taken everything out of the box and plastic that it came in and was measuring where everything was gonna be screwed in.
I must say that I like it. He showed me and the boys how to use it. I could really benefit from this too! The handles come off the bar so you can adjust it to your shoulder's width apart. He showed me three different ways to get my arms and back stronger in order to do regular pull ups on it.
So thanks to me, oh and my points from the j-o-b, we got a great workout device.
I totally recommend this to everyone...from the fitness dummy to the fitness pro.

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