Sunday, December 14, 2008

My early sunday morning

so here I am, another sunday at work. I honestly don't mind working because we get time and a half for it. so instead of just my regular 8 hour pay for working, I get an extra 4 hours of pay (without the extra 4 hours of work). And to top it off, i'm taking half a day of PDO. So I'll be getting paid for not even being here the whole time
M-I-L comes to visit today from Texas. Also coming with her are the hubby's 2 younger brothers. Crazy thing is, they're only coming for the day. They're driving almost 5 hours to stay maybe 5 hours to drive back home. We tried to convince her not to come, and even said the 6 of us would make the trip out to her this coming weekend but she said no. Stubborn woman. I mean seriously, she chose to spend all this money on 5 hours of visiting time when she could've saved gas and got an extra 2 days of visiting time. Whatever. She's not very smart. phone just beeped..aaahhh the joys of call center work

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