Sunday, August 1, 2010

She says...I think... (08/01/10)

Ok first of all...what the hezzy...its August?! Really came up on me quick.
So of course, once again, I am here on this hot Sunday with Unconscious Mutterings....

  1. Sexting ::  DO IT! As in I do it, so therefore, everyone else should do it :)
  2. Corrected :: Research paper - just proof read Big Daddy's English Paper..about our wedding :)
  3. Rewind ::  Be kind, rewind. Remember Men In Black, when they open the foot locker at grand Central Station? And the locker "things" were in there quoting the video store membership card? Ya. Ok.
  4. Heard ::  Screaming. Dude last night we were at a friends birthday pool party and above all the noise of the beer pong game, we heard some woman screaming. You know at first we thought she was like in trouble and then realized, it was about midnight and um ya...she was sexin it up lol.
  5. Amazon ::  (dot) com
  6. Running ::  HATE IT! I don't see the point in it. Everyone says how good it is for you, and I'll do it for that reason, but come on. Running for fun? A person should only be running if say Freddy Krueger was running after them.
  7. Illegal ::  Stupidity. YES. stupidity should be illegal!
  8. Tracked ::  Stalked
  9. Generate :: Coupons. Ya, it just something I've been having to do at work recently, blah
  10. Towel ::  Monkey :) You know, like when you go on a cruise. Housekeeping....
Complete and utter randomness for your Sunday night. You should try it. Serious.


  1. LOL. YOu're hilarious. I think I do need to try it. Relieve a little pressure.

  2. hahahaa. i love your answers. definitely agree on the stupidity one. lol

    Thanks for stopping by. ;)

  3. If I had a husband, I'd totally be into sexting. I'm just saying...