Friday, August 27, 2010

" need to pay attention more than not."

Before we left for school, the monsters were watching one of their Thomas DVDs.

JUJU: Mommy what dat train name again?

ME: (looking at the tv for a sec before focusing back on my laptop) Umm. Rheneas (said Ree-nee-ess)

JUJU: Um I don't think so.

ME: So what is it then? And if you knew, why did you ask me what his name was?

JUJU: Its Reh-nay-us. (mind you he said it all loud and in 3 separate syllables like that)

JUJU: Mommy, you need to pay attention more than not. The man just said it. If you was payin attention you woulda heard him say dat train's name the right way and not the wrong way like you.

So ummm...did my child just call me stupid and ignorant? LOL!