Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hi, my name is Nicole...

*HELLO NICOLE* and I am a procrastinator. Yes it is December 15th and I am only NOW looking into our family's Christmas cards. Last year I sent out hand-made cards to my family with scribblings from the monsters and included a "recent" picture of them. It took FOREVER to get everyone situated and then having to take a million pictures because everyone just "wasn't ready." Or someone was pushing someone else. And then OH EM GEE someone farted. But I mean really? NOTHING should have to be that tasking. I promised myself then we would not be subjected to the yearly Christmas picture ever again. I mean heck, I take sooooo many pictures of the kids throughout the year. I mean why send one picture when you can send more than one...Hello Christmas cards!

No more "posing" for the "perfect" picture. I can sift through all my picture folders on my hard drive and just grab not one but a bunch of FUN pictures. 
In fact, why stop there? We're talking about my family that lives back in Hawaii who we don't get to see...ever. I'm sure the grandparentals would love seeing our crazy faces every day...

Calendars! Now that is awesome! Dare I say perfect?!
I've ordered prints from Shutterfly before, but never actually "made" anything. Now I wish I did. They have everything! Note cards, calendars, thank you cards...and all can be personalized with a picture(s). Even that crazy picture that is just so cute but of course kinda crazy
AND with all those gifts that the monsters get, not just on Christmas but throughout the year, Shutterfly even has thank you cards. They can even be personalized with a picture. More pictures. What grandparent wouldn't like a personalized card like this...

 ...complete with "writing" on the inside from your little ones.

No more procrastinating for me. So Shutterfly here I come...don't get lost in my dust folks. 10 more days! Let's get it! :)

(DISCLAIMER: *this post was written for Shutterfly as part of their 50 free Christmas Cards promotion for bloggers. All opinions are MINE and MINE alone. In return for writing this post, Shutterfly will be giving me 50 free Christmas cards*)


  1. we totally did that second one! Love it!

  2. You know I just purchased our cards this past weekend on shutterfly and I commented to myself what a bad start as a wife, must do better once the kids come along...comforting to see we are so alike!!! Going to love following you!

  3. I love shutterfly!! Ihave made photo books, calendars, cards, and mugs. I also store all of my pictures on their site as a sort of family picture website. I just love Shutterfly!!!