Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Just wook at it"

STANKY: I gotta use it, I gotta use it.
ME: Well go use it.

I then hear his fat little feet run across the living room and into the bathroom.

ME: Make sure you hold it down.
STANKY: Otay mommy.

I hear him pee, stop, pee, stop, pee...

STANKY: Mommy come see. Wook at it.
ME: (walking into the bathroom) Look at what?
STANKY: My peenee. Just wook at it. Wook at it movin.

I look and there he is..."flexing" his "peenee" making it go up and down. Um ya. What the heck?! Does it really start this early?! LMAO.


  1. Oh dear god that made me laugh...and really glad that I have a girl!

  2. haha, my son does the same thing... they are too funny

  3. Oh em gee. This is too funny for words. You know that is their BEST toy ever, right? : )

  4. Hahaha! I think you only have to worry about it when he starts asking for a beer while he's doing it.

    I have to agree with Sara... so glad I have a girl!

  5. Oh does start this early...and they never stop playing with themselves either...lmao! I relate!