Friday, December 10, 2010


Whoa baby! I am in a GREAT mood today. Time for more "getting to know me." I haven't done this in a LONG ASS TIME, so I will pick up where I left off at many months ago :) LOL

CHILDREN? How many?
4...BOYS! If you count Big Daddy then 5.

How much CHANGE is in your purse/wallet?
$3.75 to be exact

CEL phone you currently have. CEL phone you wish you had.
I currently have a Blackberry Storm 2 and I kinda wish I had the iphone 4. Or even the Android Incredible.

CAR you drive.
2003 Black Chevy Trailblazer LTZ

Favorite CANDY.
GREEN peanut M&Ms. They taste the best out of all the other colors :)

COLOR of you hair.
Right now its brown with blond pieces like in some spots lol. See what had happened was, I did LOTS of blonde highlights throughout my hair like 2 years ago, then went jet black last year. Well the black all washed out and now I'm back to my brown hair, but there's random blond pieces everywhere.

Debit lol. I use my Visa debit card all the time because we do that keep the change program :) I rarely carry cash.

Favorite CHIPS.
Ummm...I used to LOVE Cheetoh puffs. Oh and funyuns. Well I guess I do still like them.

I'd like to think that in my small stature, I am pretty confident. But catch me after I just got done working out...whoa baby I am just a tiny bit cocky.

I worked in retail for the majority of my "working" career lol. So sadly I use to be such a slave to trends. These past couple years, I have been a jeans and rocker t-shirt kind of girl. In fact I LOVE the rocker look. These days I find myself wanting to wear dresses again. Sucks that its cold out. But then again, I do have a new found love for patterned tights. Oh and I never leave the house without a pair of heels on. ALWAYS at least 3 inches.

Yup folks I'm bringing it back. See you next Friday for the continuation of the ABCs of ME :) Hey if y'all wanna play, just answer the questions and comment here with your blog link and i'll come find out more about you :) AND if a lot of you like this, then I'll definitely do a Mr. Linky for it :)

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