Thursday, August 25, 2011

A cool, refreshing treat!

The following was taken from Texas Vox:

Whoa baby! It makes me kinda glad that I work inside an office building and not outside. Even though I like being outside. Heck I ride with the windows down everyday. Besides having lots of water to hydrate, me and the dudes love cold/cool snacks. I mean popsicles are great and all but this is easy! There are 3 steps  for the most perfect cool snack:

Step 1: go to the store and buy green seedless grapes.
Step 2: wash them when you get home and then put them in the freezer for a couple hours.
Step 3: take them out of the freezer and enjoy!

See?! Easy peasy. The grapes never get frozen solid like ice cubes. Instead they get kinda slushie. SOOOO yummy! I've tried red/purple grapes but they just don't taste as great to me. But you may like it :) My dudes like to cut them in half and suck the slush out lol.

Hope you give it a try!


  1. My hubby loves frozen green grapes. I had never really heard of doing this till then. I simply can't do it, it sort of edges my teeth. lol!

  2. You are brave for riding w/ the windows rolled down!!!! I'm such a whimp!!

    And I've heard of the frozen grapes! I need to try it!

  3. Never had them, I guess.because I don't like grapes. The kids would probably lovethem.