Monday, January 23, 2012

To project 366 or not to project 366

also known as take a picture everyday for a couple days and then realize its just another thing to get accomplished on your daily to-do list, therefore making it not fun anymore and hence project 366 was just barely a project 8 days.

But I AM doing it. And I still find it very fun and hope that I will be able to continue without feeling like its a chore. I keep it random. VERY random. You should check it out...

You know I never disappoint. Self promotion is great! LOL. I promise I am NOT trying to be a photographer. God knows there's tons of them out there now. 
Are you part of the crowd that's taking a picture a day? A week? Doing a monthly collage of your faves? Well let me know and I will support you too. :) 

P.S. I've had my photo blog for quite sometime now. It's not something I just put together recently. So if you're not a follower you should be. You know...cause my fam rocks and stuff.


  1. It seems like a commitment but may be totally worth it!

  2. i want to do it ... i really do ... but i am this type of person that if i feel like i have to do something it takes all the fun out of it! but i want to change my mind because i love the concept ... hmmm, maybe next year :)