Monday, September 17, 2012

I Love Me Monday - Up close

This was taken a week ago after a wedding reception that Big Daddy and I went to. Lighting is bad and I hate that you can't see my makeup...blame dancing.
Now onto the questions...

1. Do you enjoy wearing dresses? I actually do! I wish I owned more of them.
2. What's your favorite thing about fall? If I say football that would be so cliche but seriously...yes football because my mini barbarians will be playing this year. Oh and rugby for Big Daddy starts in the fall too. Oh and my wedding anniversary ;-)
3. Favorite sex position? Definitely from the back, doggy style :-D But not "in" the butt...ouch.  

Alrighty then. That last one...SUPER T.M.I. I know LOL!! But hey, y'all wanted to know more about me right? LOL Link up with Rockin' Mama...NOW.


  1. Football season is crazy in this house mainly because of the Mr. I don't understand it much...every other sport I know but not's so confusing to me.

    woot woot same fav sex position...probably because we have awesome cooters. lol

  2. Nothing going in my butt either haha

  3. Your answers are too fun. You look great in the pic :)

  4. So how can I really comment on this after the butt comment?! I absolutely adore you, lol.