Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween filled weekend

Halloween is Wednesday, but we got our trick or treating on EARLY!

So on Saturday we headed out to Hill Country Galleria in Bee Cave for their annual Halloween fest. Its like an outdoor mall and they had a bouncy house, entertainment, and all the stores, well majority of the stores, were passing out candy. Safe, fun filled family event and did I was FREE!
Last year we missed the trick or treating but the kids did have fun listening to the band and running around.

Ironman and Thor :-) 
*Juju didn't want to wear his mask that stinker*

We left right after trick or treating to head to H.E.B. to pick up a pumpkin.

The victims

What a ham, right?! God this kid is awesome LOL

Why yes...we cheated and used power tools. Don't be mad because you didn't think of doing it ;-)

 *I just wanted to add that I had to gut all 4 of those myself...YUCK!*

Painting the minis

Kissing the "Big Daddy pumpkin"

View from the parking lot

 We live on the 2nd floor so Big Daddy climbed on our car and took this picture

Up close

BamBam painted the one next to the big pumpkin, Juju painted the middle one, and I painted the one all the way on the right



  1. Thor was definitely a popular costume this year. They look great!

  2. I SO thought of a dremel but, I don't have one lol

  3. so cute!! grill master is a drill master too? hes a keeper ;). lol


  4. Your boys are so freaking cute!! Can't get over the cuteness!!

  5. THose are the cutest little kiddos! Ahhhh! ! I don't know how you can stand it!

    New follow && Love from the blog hop! xo