Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My glamorous life... a new SAHM...

My day usually starts...duh when I wake up...jk. But I walk mini barbarian #1 to school, and go for a quick mile run before coming home. 

I finish working out with a quick video workout of some sort...BodyRock, or BexLife, or like this morning Tone It UP

I hang out with this guy until mini barbarian #2 comes home from school. He wasn't to thrilled about me trying to "pose" him and get him to look at the camera like a good boy.

Dinner prep at 9am. P.S. I made a lamb stew and it was freaking amaze balls!!! GO ME!

I spend "down time" (which is when the child is fed and doesn't want to play with me) scrolling through my IG feed. I am soooooooo making those apples for dessert!

Same time for the past 2 days...2:50ish, he gets bored with playing by himself and comes to watch a movie with me in the living room. He picks the movie and I start straightening up and then we sit and watch. About 10 minutes into the movie I look over and this is what I see.

My baby sis is officially a college student. She is totally homesick, though I don't think she would ever admit it. But I facetime with her whenever she calls. I miss her craziness.

How's y'alls week been so far?

I'm hoping to come across a new hobby and continue my pinterest crafting. And don't forget to follow me on instagram and pinterest!!

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