Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who, What, When, Where - Intro

What the?! LOL I'm creating my very own weekly "thing" here in blog land:

Who, What, When, Where
(The 4W for short)

WHO: Nicole J aka Little Mama

WHAT: Wife to a rugger, mom to 4 dudes, SAHM/W

WHEN: Started blogging back in 2008 after my 4th little barbarian was born

WHERE: I live in Austin, Texas and you can find me at any of these places:

Twitter: @nicole_johnson
Pinterest: mommybeautiful

Yes I left out why. Because...well because I wanted to. So my genius plan is to post something like this every Wednesday. It could be about anything...people I blog about, another blogger, a company, a product, or it could even be a sort of open letter vent about something that's bothering me. I haven't worked out all the details but I have time...I mean there are a ton of Wednesdays. 
So for today I kept it simple :-) Mostly because I have this head cold that I just can't shake and I can't think too hard.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Ooh how fun...I might link up one wednesday!! Feel better!!

  2. Hey Sexy Mamacita! Great plan you got there! As you know, I am about to restart my blog. but it looks like I have to start over to a new domain. i know...again? some people can not see my blog. i know know why. well ill keep you posted and i will definitely will come back every Wednesdays for yours!