Thursday, June 17, 2010

I think my clock is ticking

And I mean THAT clock. Last night I had this crazy dream that I was pregnant. The entire dream itself is pretty hazy now, but there are a few specific "scenes" that I remember vividly.
So I'm at the store...Target to be all the fruits and veggies. I'm wearing this black sweater pushing the cart and I start getting that "hard" feeling in my belly. So I start rubbin on my belly and when I look down it was HUGE. I mean like at least 6 or 7 months huge.
So I continue pushing the cart and I see a friend of mine from back in Louisiana. I stroll over to her and she's all smiles telling me congrats and everything. And goes into saying how having children are such a blessing. And I respond with, "definitely a blessing to finally be having a girl." WTF?! I mean how did I already know I was having a girl when I didn't even know I was preggo lol. She then goes on to tell me thats it s a miracle and me, in probably the most snottiest voice say, "hell ya its a miracle, considering I got fixed." Then I woke up and had to go pee. (Sorry TMI there lol)
Man I wish I knew what that dream ACTUALLY means because, um, ya...I did get fixed.
It is kinda weird though because lately I have been obsessing about babies. Girl babies. Not having them. Well I guess, yes having them. I'm 30 and already have 4 I really wanting to have another child? Or is it just my hormones being dumb? I mean it really would be a fuckin miracle if I got pregnant. But oh just thought of another little baby.....


  1. Dh is fixed, but I still have that yearning sometimes...

  2. I'm passing my fever on to others!!

  3. HAHAHA That was funny. Well i have to tell you. There is always adoption. When kids get older even with 4. It is easier to get another baby. I want to adopt some day. I don't know what your dream is telling you...But it was funny and cool :)
    Come follow me back. Would love to be friends :)

  4. Dreams can just be weird odd thoughts you haven't process fully during your waking hours. I wouldn't put too much stock in a heavier meaning if I were you. (old follower here just sticking my head in to say "Hi") Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Thanks for following. I was already following:)Yeah, I hear ya about the pulling at the uterus....I have 2 girls and the illusive little boy makes my clock start ticking. But I'm sure we're done...pretty sure:)LOL Happy Mothering! Can't wait to read more posts.

  6. Hello there! I am your newest follower. Just taking a peek around....;)

    I sometimes dream about being pregnant. And I've had a hysterectomy so, no mo' kids for us.
    I *think* it's a hormonal thing. I used to dream I was pregnant and wake up with my period. Or sometimes I would be ovulating.

    Great blog. I'll be back!

  7. P.S I knew I'd have to love your blog anyway from the first post I read because you referred to your husband as "Big Daddy."

    I do the same thing on my blog. :)