Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have a HEADER! A real header!! But I can not take any credit for it--->it was ALL my sistah (LOL) Devri from over at The Naulu Tribe. Isn't she the greatest?! I almost feel official :) Though, she may kill me, I will end up having to change it. But not now. Probably in like a month or 2. Or 3. Only reason is because its missing my little Stanky. I was actually carrying him when I snapped the picture.
Hey Devri, I am going to MAKE YOU teach me how to make my very own header. :) I mean its not like we moms DO anything right? I love you my dear friend. I cannot thank you enough.


  1. Hi There.
    I'm looking for your Friday-Follow post.
    Have a great day!

  2. Following you through the Friendly Friday! Come check out my blog if you get a chance and enter some ecofriendly giveaways and find coupons, freebies, and yummy recipes!

    Have a great weekend...see you in the blogoshere!


  3. I'm your newest follower via the blog hop :)

    Love it if you'd check out and follow my blog as well :)

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi!

    Blog jumping here from Friday follow.

    Now following you as a google friend.

    Love the new look. Isn't it great to have sisters?

  5. Your header is fabulous! You're lucky you know someone who can make husband is computer guru, but he couldn't for the life of him make me a banner!