Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm here, I'm here (day 3-late, but eh)

So not having a working computer and not having internet at home because of some ridiculous outage really sucks! But I'm at work and on a break, so I decided to stop by and say hey :). Oh and to post some things from earlier this week.
I have decided to take on the Blog Dare hosted by Bloggy Moms. And I was doing so good until my computer crapped out on me and then our internet outage. Way to start off the new year huh? Well I say better now in the beginning than towards the end. Speaking of beginnings, I work with this douche canoe guy that is such a PAIN IN THE ASS EVERY MORNING. I mean what the hell dude?! He says he's totally not a morning person and can't function without coffee. Yo, I know a lot of people like that. Have your coffee before you come in and well damn. He should just have his coffee before coming in. But NOOOOO. He waits until he gets HERE to drink coffee. BOOOO.
Me? I never used to be a morning person. But I got into a routine and well I guess the rest is history (LOL so lame and corny lol). But its the truth. No matter if its a work day or not, I HAVE to do the same things every morning or else I feel like I've screwed my day. Like I wake up, either by alarm or just on my own (mostly by alarm or child) and sit up in bed. I just get up and walk to the bathroom. I used to get up and take a shower but I don't work out in the morning anymore, so I take a shower before I go to sleep. I wash my face...because I am obsessed with washing my face...and because I feel like you can't put make up on just your regular face. It has to be just washed. This is what I use...its perfect in the morning because it leaves this nice little tingle on your face after...
*click on image for photo credit*
I then brush my teeth. Now I'm awake  :) and ready to pretty myself up for the day. No lie I tell you. EVERY DAY this is how I start my day. During the work week I follow up with moisturizer, sunscreen, make up. Even on christmas day. I got up and washed my face FIRST before opening presents.
So somebody needs to tell Mr. douche canoe to stop being an ass and drink his coffee at home BEFORE coming into work and terrorizing the rest of us. Or wash his face.


  1. Ahh the working world! Sounds like if he hasn't had his coffee he should just be quiet until he does lol

  2. MEan people suck.. ps. Bout time you come on and post, I started bloggin again, and was like.. Wha? you got to be kidden.. I'm posting and no one else is! hoi Happy New Year..

  3. Now I want to try that wash! The tingle is what hooked me!

    And I am not really a morning person so I get my coffee set to brew the night BEFORE! SO that at 6 AM, when my boys wake me up, I can stumble downstairs, pour a cup, then take on whatever crap is going on around me, which you know is always a lot, even at 6 AM.