Wednesday, January 12, 2011

(some) of my FAVE movies

Here I am watching "Where the Heart Is" on tv for like the millionth time and I got to thinking...damn there are a lot of movies that I just absolutely LOVE. And even though I own the DVDs to all these movies, I will always watch them if they come on tv. I have a few movies that I can totally watch over and over and over...and well you get the point. I guess that's where the monsters get it LOL.
My all time FAY-VOH-RET movie just has to be
This movie is just the icing on the cake and then some for me. A beautiful love story :) and the meaning of serendipity: desirable discovery by accident. A DESIRABLE discovery by accident. Makes me smile just thinking about it.
So here are a bunch of other movies that fall into the LOVE category that I can watch over and over (in no particular order either)...

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Basically...I like all types of movies...especially if Vin Diesel is in them...even the crappy ones :)


  1. Newest follower- I watch movies on TV too even if I own them. All the best!!!


  2. Oh we'd get along FABULOUSLY! Vin Diesel....delish!

  3. Fools Rush In is such an underrated movie! It's like my all-time favorite ever -- but I'm always too ashamed to admit it! Ha :-P

  4. Great movie choices!! I always get caught up in my favorite movies on tv - even if I own them too!!!