Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OMG right?!

How do you like it? I LOVE it! My first post with the new layout. There are some things that got tweaked and now its total awesome-sauce! OO-OO-OOOOOO...Did you see? Didja?! I have a button!! GRAB IT! GRAB IT NOW!! (Well when you're done reading that is)
Ok so one of my FAVE bloggers, the GORGEOUS Envii from Perfectly Imperfect posted this vid last week and I LOVE it. This girls voice is ah-freakin-may-zing! It is kind of loud so you may want to turn down the volume a bit. And she kinda rambles in the beginning too...just FYI.

I am totally in love with Jessie J. So while I was on YouTube I of course had to search for other stuff she has put out when I came across a cover of the above song "Mamma Knows Best." What the hezzy?! This girl can wail too.

OH! BTW...did you see my new signature below? Awesome-sauce. Remember to grab my new button and "LIKE" my FB page too :) (Self promo baby!)


  1. Love the new look and the awesome signature!!

  2. Wow, that first video totally rocks!

    Thank you so much for your sweet words over at Becky's (Life with Kaishon). I'd finally gotten my big-girl DSLR as a Christmas present (yay!), so a few of the shots that Becky chose were actually taken with my new toy (the cable cars, that last shot of my kids...). I still love my Sony and still use it for when I don't want to lug out the big toy. =)

  3. oh em gee. i totally looooove it! :)

  4. This layout ROCKS!

    Gonna grab your butt...I mean button!

    You have me sprung on Jessie J now, by the way.

  5. I love the look! Especially the signature. How creative with the lock! And those two girls are awesome! SO much talent out there and yet we get stuck with Ke$ha???!!!???!!!

  6. Love the new look, even though I hadn't seen the old one! Very fun.

  7. Nice layout and blog. Happy SITS sharefest!