Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love Me Monday - the one where I make a duck face

*So ya...I totally make fun of everyone that takes these duck face pics. Shoot was Friday night early Saturday morning after about 5 gin and tonics. I wanted a fun picture because hell I'm a fun kind of girl!*

1. Describe yourself in one word. FUN
2. What word would your friends use to describe you as, and why? LOUD. For some as little as I am, I am pretty loud.
3. If your life was a flavor, would you describe it as sweet, salty, or sour?
 SALTY...because well, I dunno. My life is sweet and definitely NOT sour but salty just seemed more wacky and my life is pretty wacky.

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  1. I love your duck face, hehe. Whenever I attempt I look like an idiot, lol

  2. I hate the duck face too but I always seem to do it without noticing it...need to shoot myself lol

    agree it's always fun to be salty ;)

  3. I'm sure I've made a few duck faces in my life!