Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yes...I did scream that. I am not Texas born, but I do have Texas pride...and my pride is as big as the state itself. So why do I love Texas? Why do I love Austin? Well instead of just telling you...let me show you too. I'm linking up with the Princess of the Panhandle and An Unstyled Life to bring you some of the things I love about Texas.
*You don't have to be from Texas to link up...you just need to write something about Texas. How many times can I say Texas before I actually get to the good stuff? LOL*

Texas Tuesday

*blue bonnets...whole fields of our state flower*

*Barton springs*


*Austin Blacks rugby*


*Bring it on...my family and I love it*

*soccer at Zilker Park*

*Sugar Mamas mini banana cream pie*

*big cloudless sky*

*Padre island*

*the hill country*


*our sunsets are even big and bright*

Didn't all that make you smile? ;-)
Show me your state pride!

*all the pictures above are mine, except one...which I have credited*


  1. Love your pictures. The little man is too cute!! :) I am surrounded by boys also!! :)

  2. Those are some of my favorite Texas things, as well - the bluebonnets, sweet tea and longhorns, mainly! And I may have to go and get one of those mini banana cream pies ASAP! YUM!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting today! Looking forward to reading more :)

  3. I so miss living near Austin!! I love all of Texas, but Austin is just so different than the rest of the state!!

    Thanks for linking up, love your blog!

  4. i used to live in el paso and Sina was born there, so I've got a little texas love in me :) great post and pics!

  5. Lots of Texas goodness in this post! That pie looks amazing!

  6. Ohh congrats on 300!! I was #302! :D And I JUST tried that tea! So good. It's my husband's new favorite brand :)

    -Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com

  7. I love Padre, sweet leaf tee, and the blue bonnets!! Such great pics :)

    Thank you for linking up with us!!

  8. Whoa! that mini banana cream pie looks AH-MAZING!! Wow. Now I'm hungry :)

    Stopping by from the hop!

  9. Texas... Someday I'll go there ;)