Friday, August 10, 2012

Fitness Friday 4 - Family Fitness

I've missed a couple of these due to LIFE and had to go back and actually count how many I have done. So let's do this then shall we...

Working out for me and my family is down right seriously! Big Daddy and I try to work out at least 4 times a week, leaving the weekends as our "active rest days" which includes fun active stuff with the little dudes. For the dudes, working out is just part of life...not anything scheduled. They see me and the hubs doing it and they want to do it too. Awesome right?!

warning: here comes the mommy bragging moment...

So awesome that they even come up with their own workouts...

The beep you here in the beginning is their tabata timer. YES, my dudes do tabata too. Now before anyone goes off on a rant about pushing your kids and making them do crazy stuff, let me (pre) interject and say my guys ASK to work out. And this little part of their workout that they did, like I mentioned, they came up with on their own. (They super love video games, hence the title "new level") The one in the blue and white shorts is Juju, my 6 year old, and in the green and white is BamBam and he's 4. They workout about 3-4 times a week either at the playground in our complex or they walk to the elementary school to run sprints. :-) I am one proud proud mommy.

Fitness for anyone, young or older, should just be a part of life. Make it fun by doing something fun and including your whole family. It doesn't have to always be lifting weights in a gym or completing some DVD or online exercise program. Go for a walk, go hiking. Heck its summer time, go swimming! Just keep active and trust me, you, your family, you'll all be happier and healthier and fitter. And you're doing it together.

This week I started a new workout regime.

The hardest part was starting back up after almost 2 weeks off .

My greatest accomplishment this week was not eating the greasy pizza my office ordered for lunch on Tuesday.

Okay, I felt guilty because instead of having a black coffee like I should, I added some salted caramel hot cocoa mix to it. Not once this week, but twice.

Next week I'm gonna try replacing one meal a day (meat, veggies, starch) with a vegan option. (More on this in a future Fitness Friday post).

I hope everyone has had a great week! I would love to see y'all link up as well. How are you keeping fit? Do you involve your family too? What fun family activities do y'all do?
If you don't want to do a post, just answer the 5 questions. Easy peasy. So go ahead and do your post, head on over to Frikken Duckie, to link up, and come back here and let me know! I wanna see what y'all are up to. :-)

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  1. i really like the idea of family fitness...that's awesome!